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We aim to be a human enterprise in which each one our employees grows by constantly challenging the limitless possibilities.
Since SEIHO started its business as a manufacturer of corrugated paper and other paper, we are now cnhancing our business as a "Package and Logistices" enterprise that is capable to provide comprehensive services from package planning through prototype manufacture. products prodution to logistice service . This cannot be called as "business" that can be done by anyone. Let us offer the best logistical solution of "package," "proteetion"and "delivery" that is the most suitable for each one of our customers.

One more thing I would link to say is our policy regarding our employees. We are always trying to create a corporate environment in which the ability of each employee may be fully realized. We are always trying to cross-train each one of our employess in the filed of sales, customer relations and product control to perform their job crossing over boundaries to promptly address the customer needs.

Make yourself necessary to somebody.

I believe the true ability of an organization lies where one's ability is required by others in the organization is firmly combined.
■ Corporate name SEIHO Co., Ltd.
■ Establishment May 2, 1996
■ Capital 34.5 million yen
■ Representative Kiyotaka Tsukamoto, President
■ Address Head Office and Plant:201 Taiyoh Bldg 22-39 Daikan-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya City 461-0002
Tel: 052-934-7005 Fax: 052-934-7006
■ Bankers The Jyuroku Bank Rokubancho Branch
The Okazaki Shinkin Bank Otobashi Branch
The Shokochukin Bank Nagoya Branch
■ Scope of business Manufacture and sale of corrugated materials and various kinds of custom boxes
Sale of packaging and logistics materials
Planning and proposal of comprehensive design concerning packages

“HAKOYA” Brand

The corresponding entries were recorded in the Register of
EU Community Trade Marks on the August 25th of 2009.
The corresponding entries were recorded in the Register of
Japanese Community Trade Marks on the September 25th of 2009.
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